Delynn Copley

Delynn Copley specializes in optimizing individual and team performance. She draws on her 35 years of experience working in, leading, and facilitating teams of all kinds to build authentic communication and collaboration. Team members learn to capitalize on their stylistic differences to create high-functioning, diverse, successful teams with healthy debate and dialogue. Delynn has facilitated hundreds of offsite events, in a wide variety of industries, with thousands of leaders all over North America for executives and teams, including CEO leadership forums in YPO.

Delynn has a degree in Business Administration from The University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, along with extensive facilitator training and certifications with The Enneagram Institute, the Hendricks Institute, Naropa University and the Gottman Institute. She has been married since 1987 and has two adult children.

Raena Hubbell

Raena is an Enneagram expert, facilitator and coach who has been studying the Enneagram since 2008. She began her career at Deloitte Technology Consulting and subsequently worked as Manager of Analytics for LIFE XT, a Chicago-based startup specializing in corporate mindfulness programs for high-burnout work environments. In this role, she witnessed first-hand how transformational consciousness principles can be for people in the business world, and was inspired to transition full-time to facilitation and coaching. 

Raena has worked with hundreds of leaders and with teams in a variety of industries. She specializes in coaching, executive facilitation, and helping individuals achieve personal and leadership development through facilitated self-exploration and understanding of personality. She received her BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration summa cum laude from the University of Colorado and is certified by the Enneagram Institute. Raena lives in Boulder, Colorado. 


Kaley Warner Klemp

Kaley Warner Klemp is a sought-after speaker, YPO Facilitator, and transformational executive coach. She advises senior executives on how to uncover and address core challenges in communication and trust.

Jim Warner

Having worked with more than 1500 CEOs and countless executive teams, Jim is a recognized expert at helping individuals, couples and teams at both the enterprise and whole-life levels.

Jim Kochalka

Jim Kochalka provides executive development and advisory services to business leaders and global firms.

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