Meet Delynn

Delynn Copley specializes in optimizing individual and team performance. She draws on her 35 years of experience working in, leading, and facilitating teams of all kinds to build authentic communication and collaboration. Team members learn to capitalize on their stylistic differences to create high-functioning, diverse, successful teams with healthy debate and dialogue. Delynn has facilitated hundreds of offsite events, in a wide variety of industries, with thousands of leaders all over North America for executives and teams, including CEO leadership forums in YPO.

Delynn has a degree in Business Administration from The University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, along with extensive facilitator training and certifications with The Enneagram Institute, the Hendricks Institute, Naropa University and the Gottman Institute. She has been married since 1987 and has two adult children.


"The Enneagram work that Delynn facilitated for our Dippin' Dots' team provided a thorough and constructive education of personality types that provided our team with an awareness of ourselves as well as others. Our team was engaged throughout the process of our work-sessions, and valued this opportunity for professional and personal growth. I found this process to strengthen the integrity of our internal corporate infrastructure, while improving our corporate culture of awareness."

Scott Fischer
CEO, Dippin' Dots

"Delynn has been an an incredible resource for Amino and for me personally. Startups like ours move so fast and deal with so many simultaneous challenges that we often go too long without deeper work regarding leadership, teamwork, personalities, ways of working, and feedback/conflict resolution. We've accelerated meaningfully as a business since working with Delynn, both as an executive coach and leadership offsite facilitator. With each experience I've grown more confident in our team's ability to work together to achieve amazing things."

David Vivero
Co-Founder & CEO, Amino

"I have worked directly with Delynn for the past seven years, and her guidance is an instrumental part of our team and growth and success. Her depth of understanding of team behavior and interaction with the Enneagram has fundamentally changed the range and capability of our team. Weā€™ve extended this to our broader portfolio of 200 startup companies and their leadership teams to have impact into the 9000 employees of our portfolio. On decisions and interactions large and small, Delynnā€™s guidance has been essential to our success."

Jon Callaghan
Founder & Managing Partner, True Ventures

"Delynn poured accelerant on our executive team dynamics - not only did we develop a greater appreciation for each other professionally, we also developed a deeper personal connection. These two things, taken together, informed a period of prosperity for the company where we saw revenue increase 10x and profitability skyrocket."

Nil Shah
CEO, Verance

"We brought Delynn in to better understand ourselves, our personalities, our effect on those around us, and help us become better leaders. The Enneagram has resonated immediately."

Dave Wiskel
President & CEO, A.P. Plasman Inc

"From our top executives and terminal managers to our dispatchers and shop managers, all supervisors in our company have attended workshops led by Delynn, and the results have been nothing short of astonishing."

Greg Hodgen
President & COO, Groendyke Transport

"I have partnered with Delynn for over 10 years, across two high performing organizations that both recognize the importance of self-awareness and strong leadership on organizational success. Delynnā€™s coaching and facilitation style, coupled with the power of the Enneagram tool, have helped us create self-aware team individuals, strong leaders, and high performing teams. A fantastic formula for success."

Mila Lucio

"Our Agency reached out to Delynn for Enneagram Training during a less than smooth period in the agencyā€™s history. We had heard good things from a couple of our clients and after speaking with Delynn thought it might be helpful for our firm. The training we received from her was interesting, engaging and very helpful for the team. We saw immediate improvement in team dynamics and a new level of understanding helped us with collaboration both internally and with our clients. I highly recommend Delynn to help build trust within teammates and enhance any companyā€™s work environment."

Laura Tilley
EVP Brand Strategy, Littlefield Agency

"We brought Delynn in for an executive retreat where we studied the Enneagram and practiced methods for more open and effective communication. Our time over those two days was transformational for our team collectively and for each individual personally. Her facilitation has helped us become more self-aware, intentional, and effective leaders. We have continued to leverage her for executive coaching. Her impact is cascading through our company."

Matt Cain
CEO, Couchbase

"Delynn completely understands YPO members and YPO Forum. But much more than that, her skills and talents in bringing about transformation for members and forums are exceptional. The exercises and knowledge she brings has been gathered over many years of specific experience and a relentless, ongoing pursuit of continuing education to the field of group facilitation and personal development work."

Frank Buonanotte
Southern 7 YPO/WPO

"My work with Delynn has really been a journey of self-awareness, personal growth, alignment, transitions, and challenges. The journey has not always been easy, but it has been rewarding, fun and humbling. I am grateful for for Delynnā€™s help and guidance over the past seven years. My work will continue and would recommend her to any forum or individual who wants to grow and live in a more meaningful way."

Dean Darby
Founder, Stone Transport, LP

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